Some clubs came up with very innovative ideas, others opted for a traditional style instead.

These shoes do not have laces and are placed without the need to use your hands.

As creative director of YUMS, legendary street artist Tex Moton changed the way people connect with their sneakers, through

28 years after the premiere of the iconic film, Reebok spoils fans with this great collection.

Stars Luka Dončić and Kevin Durant, as well as two NBA legends, will share the image of the popular

Designer Tex Moton takes inspiration from the traditional Mexican snack for this shoe.

With a dynamic in social networks, fans of the club proposed designs and voted for it, created by user

The reigning champion of the Eredivisie shows a retro image in his new kit.

The jersey is inspired by the OM Foundation, and is made from 100% recycled polyester.

The usual blue stripe disappears on the local jersey to give way to tiger claws on the side.

New Balance begins its stage with Roma, which just ended its contractual relationship with Nike.

After many years with Pirma, Charly will be the new brand that will dress Club León.

Nike is committed to an innovative design, which includes a snakeskin graphic, a nod to the “Biscione”, symbol of

These new shoes are designed to withstand key speed states like instant acceleration, agility and instinct.

The usual blue stripe disappears on the local jersey to give way to tiger claws on the side.

This will be Everton's second season wearing the Hummel brand, previously wearing Umbro.

The jersey pays special tribute to the iconic Cathedral Basilica of Puebla.

These cleats are decorated with details from the four jerseys the Hammer wore throughout his career.

The collection pays tribute to the Manchester music scene of the late 1980s, which remains iconic today.

The jersey is inspired by the history of England's unofficial women's team, which played in the 1971 World Cup.

The shirt features a “Stone White” base color accompanied by details that pay homage to the city.

The semi-finals have been played with this ball and it will be used in the Euro final, to be

This new face presents a totally progressive design, with all the comfort that characterizes this shoe.

Ronaldo and Portugal could not get the two-time championship of the Euro Cup of Nations.