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Miami, Kicks, And Baseball With Jon Jay


Baseball has various forms of trends that come and go during the seasons, but as we speak, the game is quickly spinning and evolving in many ways, ways that are filled with positive energy, pop culture influence, fashion style all around and Jon Jay is a true testament to all that. Being Miami born and raised, he knows what it takes to have his personal style stand out from the norm just as Miami is, a multicultural and filled with all types of flavours city. During this past off-season we got a chance to meet up with Jon at his Alma Matter Stadium and talked “Miami, Kicks, And Baseball”, with that being said, let’s go…

How did you first get into sneakers?

Man, I was young, my uncle always tried to take care of me and always making sure that I looked as best as I could but I do remember that I had to beg sometimes to get new ones.

How important is your appearance on and off the field and what goes into it for you?

I just want to represent myself, always know that I got an outfit on that I enjoy and brings out who I am, you know. The fit needs to portray the mood I have on for that day but definitely going out there with something that’s going to make me feel good.

You rep Miami hard, aside from it being home, what is it about Miami that makes you think of it as the ideal city?

Miami is definitely my favorite city, obviously, I am biased since I was born and raised here. The weather, the culture is very important for me since I come from Cuban descent. It’s a place that you’re going to hear a little bit of everything. Just the culture, I love the water, I love the island life and Miami has that and more to offer.

Jon Jay For KRIMY
Jon Jay For KRIMY

In what corners of Miami do you go sneaker shopping?

Miami really does have a lot of places where one can go sneaker shopping but my main spot is SoleFly. They take care of me well and I have been a customer since 2010 since they first opened. Time to time I venture of to Shoe Gallery but yeah, there are many places here in Miami where one can sneaker shop.

What are your favorite brands to wear?

I like to rock out a bunch of different brands, starting from Nike’s usually on me the most, always when I have sneakers on they are going to be Nike’s. Now if I’m going out to let’s say dinner then I might throw on some New Republic Mens, or Jordans usually on my feet and when it comes to socks its always going to be Stance socks. I think they have the best socks in the game and I have only been wearing Stance since 2012 / 2013. Now when I’m stepping out of the house I am probably going to be rocking Five Four, a brand out of LA that I love, super simple affordable clothing that does a lot. I am also a fan of BBC, I like rocking their cool and unique stuff. Another local brand that I like is Lyfe Brand that I love to rep. Anytime I have some Hurricanes gear on it will most likely be Dyme Life which I like. G-Shock is on my wrist most of the time. New Era is my go-to for caps and Herschel Supply just for all their backpacks carryalls.

Jon Jay For KRIMY
Jon Jay For KRIMY

Is there a sneaker designer that you particularly like?

I’m a fan of some designers but I really like Don C, the way he combined the Jordans 1, 2 & 3 and added the strap. Just what he has done for the last years has been always putting out some great products like the Don C 2’s and his various projects he has done with Nike have been really cool.

Your favorite all-time sneaker within your collection?

Tough question since I do have quite a lot but I’m going to have to represent Miami with the LeBron 8 South Beach’s and also the LeBron 8 Miami Nights. That was a time when the “Big 3” were there and it was amazing. Going to a Heat game during that period of time was definitely one of the best atmospheres in Sports.

What other sports do you enjoy and what other athletes do you take inspiration from?

I enjoy all sports. As a kid, I remember just being outside and being around other kids. Growing up, Michael Jordan was my biggest influence, just the way he did everything, how he went about his business as a professional and that winning attitude on and off the field. I am a big fan of Soccer and the athletes that are currently highlighting the game.

Jon Jay For KRIMY

Now you are up there when it comes to being one of the top Sneakerheads in Major League Baseball, who else that you know of has a sick collection that you follow or have a friendly rivalry with?

Yeah, I have been lucky enough to get my hands on some pretty cool and special sneakers through the years and yeah I got a pretty good collection but hands down my boy Pedro Alvarez has a great Sneaker Collection. He has a lot of Rare PE’s and well Pedro has always been my go-to guy with Sneakers.

We talked a bit about fashion within baseball culture, do you think that baseball should be more influenced by fashion like soccer and basketball are at the moment?

Fashion is big in the baseball culture, not seen as some of the other sports that are more globally recognized but you know when you pop into a baseball clubhouse, guys are going to be wearing some cool stuff. They are going to be representing themselves, the weather is simple stuff, designer clothing, sneakers, watches and jewelry, baseball has its own kind of culture and we kind of get to show a little more on the field. You see guys wearing necklaces and show their personality a little bit within the field.

Jon Jay For KRIMY

Jon, thank you for taking the time to hang with us at The U. It was a great time catching up with you and on behalf of all at KRIMY, we wish you a great season and we look forward to catching up with you again.

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