LUMO723 Talks To Us On How They Connect With The Beautiful Game One Boot at a Time


LUMO723 Talks To Us On How They Connect With The Beautiful Game One Boot at a Time

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The Beautiful Game…

Whether you follow it every weekend or every 4 years, its called The Beautiful Game for a reason. Very few are lucky enough to play for a living and many simply watch and follow it as fans. To Lukas & Moritz, collectively named LUMO723, well, they are part of it, but on their own terms.

What’s up Lukas & Moritz. We’re beyond stoked to have you guys be part of KRIMY. So, with that being said, I thank you and let’s get going.

Thank you for having us! We feel very honoured to take part in this interview.<

Ok, right from the get-go, can you give our readers a brief introduction as to who you are?

We are the duo behind LUMO723 born and raised in Berlin, Germany. We both have a passion for sports and design. I’m the LU and 23 in LUMO and Moritz the MO and 7. Moritz works as a Kindergarten teacher and I work as an architect but always wanted to express my creativity. That’s why we started our Instagram account by posting creative content.


Tiempo Legend R10

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How does the Brand LUMO723 gets started and can you share with us what does the 723 come from?

Back in 2016, we came up with the idea of creating concepts and edits on our own as we loved the inspiring designs from other very talented and creative artists like Federico Maccapani (@mbroidered on Instagram). His work back in the day was very, very interesting. And has inspired us to start our own page. We came up with the name LUMO723 very soon. The LU stands for Lukas and MO for Moritz with our favourite and legendary numbers 7, for Moritz and 23 for me. Obviously the numbers are of one of our favourite soccer/football player David Beckham and the basketball legend Michael Jordan of course which has inspired Becks by picking his number for Real Madrid and LA Galaxy too. I always loved David Beckham’s idea of releasing 723 limited pairs of silver-red adidas Predator Pulses in 2004. Do you remember these boots?

How did you both meet?

We were neighbours and met each other, naturally, on the football/soccer pitch around 2007. We spent many, many afternoons taking short and long-distance passes and practiced our free-kicks and played with friends.

Be True

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Berlin is home correct? Can you give our readers a little inside scoop to this awesome city and feel free to give your favourite food stop, bar or shop a shout out if you want.

Yes, we’re from Berlin. We love this city and the cultural diversity here. You have literally everything here. Nature like the big forest Grunewald and beautiful parks like Tiergarten, big lakes like Wannsee and Müggelsee. A world-famous club scene. Historic art and history museums and restaurants from all over the world. For sports and architecture lovers you have to visit the Olympic Stadium, it’s the home of Hertha BSC Berlin we both, of course, support. Back in the day, there was a very nice Nike Store called Nike Town at the Ku’damm. If it would be still there, I would definitely recommend shopping there. It was much more like a museum. 
But the Ku’damm is still a very nice place to shop at. You can find stores like Nike, adidas and apple there. If you looking for food I would definitely recommend you going to the district Bergmankiez in Kreuzberg. There you can find the best food.

Within your designs we see plenty of inspiration coming in from different styles, can you tell me a few of these points where you draw your creativity from?

Most of our inspirations come from classic styles from the late 90s, and early 2000s and some of them are very personal and have inspirations from the time of our youth like comics and other stuff or has a personal message like the awareness for climate change. Sometimes it can take some time to have a good idea that matches our understanding of design. We always try to make it very simple and minimal and make sure that the message is very clear. Some of our edits are more about the look and are based on other sneakers we just like and think would look good on soccer/football shoes.

No Room For Racism

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Where do you see your brand in 5 years from now?

To be honest we don’t see LUMO723 as a brand and never really did. We just see it as a nice opportunity to be creative and share artworks with other people who like the design too. But I’m always up for collaborations.

Obviously you recognize that streetwear has a strong connection within soccer. What are your thoughts on it and how do you see LUMO723 being part of that?

Moritz loves to wear soccer/football kits offsides the pitch and we both have a very nice and big collection of kits. So he takes soccer directly to the streets. I love it when you see someone else with a very nice and classy shirt from a team you support too. It can give you a connection to someone you never met before just because you like the same team. I always loved that soccer/football can give you a sense of community and make us feel like a family.

Kill Bill

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Tunnel Vision

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We see a lot of soccer-inspired apparel brands that are coming into play nowadays, what are your thoughts on that?

Some of them are very stylish and we like it. If the apparel is very functional and has good quality it’s very nice.

Do you see any other Sports that you’d like to connect with in the future?

We’re really into functional clothes like running and fitness apparel. Moritz is a passionate runner, and often he gets his ideas while he is running. I, on the other hand, am a passionate gym lover. I barely miss out a workout. So often we try to imagine how products would come out, if they took big inspiration from other sports like running, lifting, basketball etc. So obviously we’re really excited about what brands have for us in the future. And with our ideas, we’re trying to give it our own touch. Maybe that will inspire the big brands too.

Mercurial Vapor Hertha

Mercurial Vapor Hertha

Quick-Fire ?’s

Ok Lukas & Moritz, let’s have a quickfire series of questions here. Answer as briefly as possible here.

Your go-to Soccer Boots for playing?

As we were always playing on the artificial ground we think that the Tiempo Legend TF boots were always the best for us and we think nothing can beat a nice leather upper.

Your go-to Soccer Booths for designing?

Predators and Mercurials.

Your favourite Sneaker?

Lukas: Air Jordans especially the Air Jordan XI. Holy Grail of sneakers made by the legend Tinker Hatfield who also studied architecture. He’s a master and a very big inspiration.

Moritz: My go-to sneaker as of right now is the Ultra Boost Manchester Rose. It’s just something else, not just the meaning, but also the looks. Same goes for the Nike Pegasus Gyakusou Trail in yellow, designed by Jun Takahashi. I really dig that shoe for running in Grunewald, but also casual. But the favourite of all time? Super hard decision. Probably can’t pick one, sorry.

That one music artist that you like to listen to while designing?

UB40. I’m a big fan of the British reggae band and their music always gives me a positive vibe.

Most memorable soccer moment you’ve experienced?

There are many! I‘d pick the World Cup’s 2002 and 2006 here in Germany. And of course the Manchester United 1999 season with the Champions League Final against Bayern Munich which United won with 2:1 in the last minutes.

And of course, Germanys 7-1 against Brazil, followed by the World Cup win. Goosebumps.

Favourite Soccer player, you followed as kids?

Lukas: For me definitely David Beckham but also Ronaldo (el fenomeno)and Zinedine Zidane.

Moritz: Close call for me, Beckham was class, and always polarizing, but for me, the most influential player was, and still is, Ronaldinho. That love for the ball and unpredictability is unmatched till today. Only Messi comes close.

Favourite Fashion Designer?

Not so much into fashion design, but I love Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3)


Pure Chaos

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Last Words…

Ok guys, thank you very much for being part of KRIMY. We look forward to following your every move and we leave you the mic to say any last words here….

It was a very big pleasure and honour to take part in the Q&A / Interview and I wish you guys the very best for the future and that you always find inspiration.