The Dragon Predator 20+ By adidas


With the latest launch from adidas, there’s no doubt that the pitch is going to look fiercer for some footballers. The Dragon Predator 20+ FG football boots are an ambitious venture for the brand, but its style is among adidas’ strongest designs.

The limited-edition boots join an established line that has been worn by Paul Pogba and Ivan Raktic, and one that football fans have been desperately wanting to see expand. Its soft leather forefoot gives the Dragon Predator a different look and feel compared to its predecessors.

Like the beast it’s named after, the scale pattern starts above the ankle with a mix of two shades of red. The pattern transitions to the toe with an imitation of raised scales as the color turns to deep red that makes the black scales pop. The iconic three stripes boldly contrast the textured pattern as its background.

The boots’ character comes from the sole, however. Hints of blue translucency start to peek over from the heel that draws into a bright mixture of gold, orange and red on the cleats’ sole.

Adding the boots’ collectable nature, its accompanying box fits the dragon inspiration to another level. Rather than being packaged in a rectangular box, the Dragon Predators will arrive in a black dragon egg.

The chances of snagging a pair are slim since adidas is only making 500 available at $382 USD.

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Images: Soccer Bible