I’m Laura Biondo And These Are My Mornings


I’m Laura Biondo And These Are My Mornings.

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My Mornings…

I am Laura Biondo. I am 31 years old from Venezuela. I am a professional football freestyler, world and Latin American champion, and count with 10 Guinness World Records.

What time do you wake up during the week and do you sleep in on the weekends? 


Normally I wake up around 7 am even on weekends, yet it depends. Sometimes I do like to stay in bed a bit longer but normally I’m up at most at 9.


First thing you do after waking up? 

On weekdays I work out. If not I have a cup of coffee.


Are you a morning person? 

Absolutely yes


What’s keeping you awake? Coffee, fresh-pressed juice, water? 

I don’t rely on anything to stay awake, just staying focused on my daily goals makes me stay awake.


What are you eating for breakfast? How is your morning diet different during the weekends?

It depends, but in general, I try that regardless of the day, at least 90% of what I eat if healthy, fresh non-processed foods.

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“Whatsapp is the first thing I check, then Instagram”.

What are you listening to in the mornings? 

Depending on my mood and workout I can listen to genres from Latin to Hip Hop, to rap, or electronic to even dubstep.


Do you work out in the morning? If you do, what are you doing? (Weightlifting, yoga, running,


Yes, I do. Currently, I am doing a 5k and Insanity workout.


How does your morning look different when you’re travelling? 

Normally the day after travelling am exhausted so I try to rest apart from unpacking.


What brings you peace in the morning? 

A cup of coffee


How fast do you check social media in the mornings? What’s the first app you look at? 

Whatsapp is the first thing I check. Then Instagram.

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What essentials do you need to have a successful day?

Not much just try to keep a positive attitude towards life. Always grateful and with faith.


Where is the best place to work from at home? 

My room


How do you relax in the mornings? 

If I really want to have a moment I just got to see the sunrise at the beach.


What’s your favorite thing about the mornings? 

Everything. It’s a new start.