P Workroom Lifestyle Feature on KRIMY 7

Introducing P:workroom By Over The Pitch

Sometimes all you need is a simple reminder for why you love the game. The P:workroom is that reminder, that lets you express your individuality and passion for football.

In their latest release Football, Culture, Life – Over The Pitch — the Korea-based brand partners with its sister brand to debut a line that incorporates minimalism. The line is simple enough to be incorporated into daily outfits without having to make a splash. The line makes for a unique addition to a football aficionado’s collection.

But the design of P:workroom’s logo makes the collection a true standout. Carefully designed with the letter ‘P,’ an outline of a pitch rests within it.

The upstarting brand is sewing its roots into the high fashion aspect of football culture. It’s taken inspiration from numerous jerseys in the sport and translated them into its black-centered clothing and accessories. The P:workroom is another line to keep an eye, especially with its minimalistic designs.