I’m Vic Garcia And These Are My Mornings


I’m Vic Garcia And These Are My Mornings.

KRIMY My Mornings With Vic Garcia - VGA

My Mornings…

He started his career on the path as a business management major in Boston, but his aspirations soon changed after he connected a marker to paper. VGA Studios has grown into a premier outlet that high-profile athletes like San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado go to. A world of art and inclusivity exists in Miami through his creative mind. This is how Vic Garcia spends his mornings.

What does the typical morning look like in the Garcia household?

As an artist, no two days are the same. I wake up, scroll through my phone, have a glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal. I think about what I have to do that day to bring my vision to life, and how I can expand on what I love. Whether it’s painting or meetings it’s all with the same intention to spread good vibes and bring happy people into my world.

Where do you spend your mornings to plan out your day?

In my bed. I look through my phone and see what I have to get through that day. I walk into my garage, which is VGA studios. I organize the day of how I left it when I was working the night before. My world is endless and I use my sleepless nights to turn my doodles into BIG dreams.

How does your morning look when you’re traveling?

Depending on the city, I spend my days exploring and accomplishing what I went to go do. Usually, I travel to deliver paintings. It is nice at times to be able to get deeper and connect with a specific client on a certain piece. I am inspired by my day-to-day life and the people I come across. I am also inspired by other artists and creative forces. If I have time I try to visit museums and take advantage of the time.

“Everything inspires me, not just one certain person”.

Describe the ideal Miami morning:

For me, it’s waking up to another project and something that I have to do to benefit my brand and my art. It can range from overlooking the production of my brand to canvas or mural work. Most importantly, I make sure to not go a day without speaking to or seeing my family. As an uncle of 10, kids are the main inspiration for me and with the encouragement of my parents, I was shown that if I put my heart and passion into what I love, everything I can imagine can become a reality.

What is the best breakfast to have in Miami?

I try to stick to my roots so I have a croqueta and a cafecito at Mojito or Casa Cuba. I feel that my heritage is very important in terms of who I am as a person. My work ethic comes from knowing that my grandparents and parents risked everything to leave Cuba with only the clothes on their back. This motivates me to be the best I can be at my craft and is what inspires me to try to better the world as I see it.

Every morning there is something new about the different injustices in the world, how have you been able to channel that into VGA Studios?

Within the world I created, my message is about everyone being equal and encouraging unity. The population is made up of individuals with their own story, personalities and traits. Imagine a world where there are no superiors, no discrimination and no judgement, and that’s the world I have created. I also just released new designs to enforce my mission and hope to inspire as many people as possible with it.

How did a colorful character-filled world become VGA Studios?

To be honest, I think VGA studios became a colorful character-filled world. It was as a business student in Boston, searching for a suitable path and no interest in art, that this dream was discovered. Using my art to express things I never could with words, my freestyle work and newly realized passion soon began to infest my room from walls to beneath the bed. Everyone wanted to take a piece of this dream home with them, but it wasn’t until after college when I went to work for my dad that it became obvious that art had completely taken over my life.

How much influence does Miami carry into VGA Studios?

Miami is a huge part of what I have created; from the colors to the culture to the dedication and hard work. I am a first-generation Cuban-American who has never been to the island my family fled but hope to one day bring my art to a Free Cuba. Being Hispanic and a minority, it is important to come together with your community and make an impact for the better of the world.

Does the morning spark any creativity for you? If so, what’s been a piece you’ve designed that’s happened in the AM?

The beautiful thing about what I do is that it’s not a 9-5 job. Some days I wake up tired and some days I wake up my most creative. It depends on my nights, where my head is at and what I have to do that day. The mornings I tend to do final touch-ups on pieces that I have to deliver. Again, every day is different in my world.

Which sports/athletes do you look to for inspiration in designs you’re

Everything inspires me, not just one certain person. Manny Machado and his wife were the first to hang a piece of VGA World in the entrance to their house. That moment solidified my dedication to the start of my career. As far as athletes, I study what they’re wearing and what they’re vibing with. More importantly, their hard work inspires me what they have been able to accomplish at such a young age motivates me to wake up, work hard and no matter how hard it gets, to keep on moving.

KRIMY My Mornings With Vic Garcia - VGA

Responses were edited for clarity and length.