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X Ghosted: Designed For New Levels Of Speed By adidas

It was built for speed, and was quick to be released. X Ghosted from adidas had a quick turnaround from conception to availability. Now, people will need to act swiftly to get their hands on these tech-heavy boots.

Encompassed in a translucent white with specs of gold, the X Ghosted will appear as what the name insinuates: not visible.

Footballers are fast and the lightweight material will make them move even faster. Adidas spent the summer without sports by focusing on what players were going to need when sports made their comeback and needless to say, they found it.

Players have been asking for a boot that would improve their speed and with adidas’ access to state of the art technology, they were able to meet demands. Adidas unveiled a vacuum fit, a new feature for the brand, that sucks air out of the boot when worn, in turn providing more support for players on the pitch.

Pre-orders are now accepted through the adidas website, with the release scheduled for Sept. 1.

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adidas X Ghosted Soccer Boots 2

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