Shoe Surgeon with CUTS Clint Frazier Shoe 1

The Shoe Surgeon Collabs With CUTS For A Custom Sneaker And Cleat For Clint Frazier

The Air Jordan is an everlasting aspect of Michael Jordan’s legend. He’s the best player to ever grace a basketball court — depending on who you ask — but his signature sneaker has taken a life of its own. The Shoe Surgeon, a Los Angeles based sneaker designer, has made himself the go-to person for customized Jordans, and New York Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier just hit him up for a rare baseball-basketball crossover.

Inspired by the Bronx Bombers, these high-top Jordans take on the Yankees colorway of navy blue, light gray and white with their iconic pinstripes incorporated into the body of the shoe. The light gray takes over the heel and high-top strap while navy blue starts to creep out to complement the navy blue outline of the shoe.

The best aspect is the baseball stitching on the ankle. A basketball shoe needed some sort of baseball aspect to really make it stand out and the Shoe Surgeon made it happen.

Only two pairs of these exist, both belonging to Frazier; one as cleats to wear on the field and the other as a sneaker to wear anywhere.

Shoe Surgeon with CUTS Clint Frazier Shoe 4