Juventus Icon Collection 2020 5 1

Juventus Drops Their New ‘Icon Collection’

Fashion trends come and go, it’s the name of the game in the fashion world. The 90’s were a mere 20 years ago, but are making a comeback with Juventus inspiration named the Icon Collection. This new collection focuses on the forefront of sport fashion, which the Serie A club has become one of the most repped teams in that area. Whether in predominantly black or white ensembles, Juventus is not overwhelmingly present.

Two shirts pop out the most from the collection. The first is the color-block shirt in black and orange. The middle of the chest and upper torso is blocked off in orange just on the front side with Juventus’ ‘J’ logo in white on the center.

The other is a simple white t-shirt with a pocket on the left side of the chest that has the ‘J’ logo resting on a black path.

Juventus had made multiple efforts to expand its brand past the sports world. The New York Yankees indirectly did so as ball caps with their interested NY logo began to be incorporated into outfits, making itself a necessity in the fashion world.

The collection is available now through Juventus’ online store.