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Nike Drops The Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 3

When on the pitch, footballers seek speed. It’s incredibly necessary at a consistent level in a sport that requires endurance for 90 minutes. Nike’s Mercurial Dream Speed 3 focuses on that key element, which is already being favored by top athletes.

The Speed 3 draws inspiration from its two predecessors with its uniform construction and a flexible ankle. It’s separated into five layers of patterns, paying homage to Nike’s focus of pattern play.

The color scheme mimics that of a soccer ball with black and white across the numerous layers in the shoe. Resemblances of a goal net are prominently featured in two of the five layers, mimicking the movement of when a goal is scored. It made its debut over the weekend with Juventus Cristian Ronaldo sporting it on the pitch, with Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr also lacing them up.

Ronaldo had a lot to say about the boots, even crediting them to enhancing his game. “These boots are all about chasing your dreams and doing whatever you can to achieve them.”

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