Nigeria National Soccer Team Collection 1

Nike Launches The New Nigeria 2020 Collection

One of the best looking clubs that will take the pitch in World Cup qualifiers will be Nigeria. The 2020 collection was released by Nike as the year dwindles down, but it makes it a solid line to close out with a bang.

The collection features numerous pieces for the Western African country, including three shirts players will utilize in matches. Nigeria’s collection comes in different variants of green to represent the country’s flag.

Its different shades provide another approach into kits that Nike is starting to open the doors to with vibrancy and shapes.

What can only be assumed as the national team’s primary jersey is separated by a white center with green sides. The sides have five different variants of green, accompanied by zig-zag lines and triangles.

Feathers of a peacock are heavily featured in Nigeria’s third shirt, along with jackets and other traditional articles.