Kim Ng hired as Miami Marlins GM

Miami Marlins Make History With Kim Ng as General Manager

AFriday in mid-November made for a historic day in American sports when the Miami Marlins named Kim Ng as their General Manager. 


Ng’s hiring was announced through the Marlins’ official twitter account, with praise of her talent and résumé quickly following from league executives and media members. Ng is the first woman and Asian American to be a General Manager in the history of Major League Baseball. 


Ng reunites with Derek Jeter, CEO and part owner of the Marlins, after spending three years with the New York Yankees as assistant general manager to Brian Cashman. She was one of four women to hold such a position and one of the youngest, at the time, in 1998. Ng won three World Series titles with New York, before she joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2001 as vice president and assistant general manager. 


This move has been over thirty years in the making. Ng first interned for the Chicago White Sox and is now etched in history as the first woman to break the glass ceiling in baseball operations. The Indianapolis native has long been regarded as one of the brightest minds in MLB, and has interviewed for several GM openings in years past. 



Ng first interviewed with the Dodgers in 2005 when a vacancy opened, but Ned Colletti filled the position. Ng continued to interview with different clubs in the following years, like the Los Angeles Angels and San Francisco Giants, but was never hired. 


Front office executives were vocal of Ng’s talent and know-how of the sport once her name was included in the short list of potential GMs for ball clubs. 15 years after she walked out of her first GM interview, Ng now sits in the highest position in the realm of baseball operations. 


Back in January, the Giants made history when Alyssa Nakken joined the coaching staff as the first woman to ever be an MLB coach. Ng and Nakken are breaking down barriers and opening the path for a new era of baseball.