Nike Pegasus Trail 2

Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is a Must-Have for Outdoor Style

T he newest iteration of the Nike Pegasus Trail 2 will be one of the most sought after pairs to be released this year. This time around the Pegasus Trail 2 will go by ‘Dark Sulphur’ in this newest colorway. 

Nike Pegasus Trail 2

Nike members already have first dibs on the Dark Sulphur colorway, with a price set at $171 USD. The sneaker is embodied with a dominant brown colorway with the Nike logos in a faint red to break up the brown swatches.

The sole is lighter than the body of the Pegasus Trail 2, but its specs of yellow give it a different pop that compliments the gold yellow ankle and tongue.

GOR-TEX graces the inside portion of the sneakers in a faded red, a highlight of the

Whether on a hike, walk around the neighborhood or just to wear out, this a pair that you’ll want to snag. The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is available through