Zion Williamson x Air Jordan 35 Bayou Boys 4

The Bayou Boys Treatment for Zion Williamson and Air Jordan

Z ion Williamson is releasing his second pair of signature sneakers under the Air Jordan brand ahead of his second professional season in the NBA. The Air Jordan 35 Bayou Boys carries inspiration from Bayou of Louisiana. 

Williamson kept the sneaker’s name identical to its predecessor in the Air Jordan 34, as well as much of the shape. This second iteration of the sneaker switches up the colorway from the first pair that was released earlier this year. 

For the upcoming season, Williamson’s Boys Bayou will resemble the greenery of the Bayou as opposed to the tree-like colorway the earlier version embodied. The laces and midsole are in forest green while the sole is a classic gum. 

The space in the midsole emulates the space at the ankle with a translucent break from the black wrap around. 

The Zion Williamson Air Jordan 35 Bayou Boys will release Nov. 20 through Nike China, while a release in the USA is still unknown.