Adidas x Peregrine Falcon

Adidas Soars to New Heights in Peregrine Falcon Boot

Anew boot will take the pitch in the new year with adidas releasing the Peregrine Falcon, a boot designed after one of the fastest creatures on the planet. 

The Peregrine Falcon boot carries its namesake as its primary design with the beak starting at the toe and the falcon’s figure spreading out throughout it. The heel is met with a light rose gold that fades into a translucent sole

The spikes pop in red to make the silver boot stand out, adding to its fierce and stealth energy. Given the inspiration of the animal, the Peregrine Falcon allows for players to move faster on the pitch with lightweight technology for quicker strides. 

Priced at a whopping $310 USD, it is available for purchase online through the adidas website