Colin Kaepernick high fives kids at assembly

Ben & Jerry Serves Up Colin Kaepernick Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s is adding a champion to its flavor roster with Colin Kaepernick coming into the mix with Change the Whirled. 

Announced on his Instagram page, Kaapernick takes a swing with the popular ice cream brand to incorporate a social justice message that aligns with his and Ben & Jerry’s core values. 

Change the Whirled is a non-dairy ice cream with caramel fudge chips, graham and chocolate cookie swirls. This collaboration will hit the frozen isle section in early 2021, and will continue Kaepernick’s social justice efforts with brands who have shown they support his contributions in the fight for social justice. 

Ben & Jerry's - Colin Kaepernick

He also announced that 100% of his proceeds will go to Your Rights Camp, an organization founded by Kaepernick that advances the well-being of Black and Brown communities through education and other efforts. Ben & Jerry’s will also match the proceeds.