Curry Flow

The Curry Flow 8 Will Be the Curry Brand’s Debut Sneaker

J ust a few days after launching his own brand, Stephen Curry is releasing the Curry Flow 8 to be the Curry Brand’s debut sneaker. This release sets up the Curry Brand to be a big competitor as the 2020-21 season and Christmas are just a couple weeks away.

The sneaker was designed with lightweight material in the sole that allows for better traction on the floor. Its black body and laces create a stark contrast to the white soles and Curry Brand logo. 

Under Armour and Curry have a lot riding on the debut sneaker to make an impression on fans and retailers as the Curry Brand is being seen as the Air Jordan Brand’s next competitor. 

Curry’s signature sneakers have trended to be a smaller body that provides players the ability to be faster and more agile. The Curry Flow 8 is set at $160 with a Dec. 11 release date and is the follow up for the UA Curry 7.