A white sweatshirt is stacked on top a black sweatshirt on a stool with a cap and messenger back next to it

Fear of God Honors The Negro Leagues with New Collection

The Negro Leagues is receiving recognition from Fear of God with the 7th collection of the brand to incorporate some of the league’s most iconic looks. 

For its 100th anniversary, Fear of God brings back some legendary teams like the Homestead Grays and Indianapolis ABCs to honor the history of one of baseball’s most important leagues. 

The collection is dominated by sweatshirts of both teams, but its standout piece is the off-white sweatshirt with the Negro Leagues emblem. The iconic graphics into this casual, high fashion style fits into the aesthetic that has become associated with Fear of God.

Negro Leagues x Fear of God

The collection joins a long list of brands that have honored the Negro Leagues during its cenntinneal anniversary. But this take and incorporation of the Negro Leagues brings a reinvented style into what could make the league and its history the forefront of fashion.