Negro League Baseball To Be Major League Baseball

MLB Elevates the Negro Leagues to Major League Level

The Negro Leagues is finally receiving the recognition it deserved, as Major League Baseball is moving forward to acknowledge its game and players on at the major league level. 

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the league was officially elevating the Negro Leagues to “major league” status and any records of the league will be reflected as a part of MLB’s record books. Official MLB career numbers to legendary players like Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron will be adjusted to reflect their statistics in the Negro Leagues

This stunning move comes during the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues inception. Before Robinson broke the color barrier in MLB with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, this was the top league for Black baseball players to be in. Some of the best players for baseball to ever see never made it to “the major league level” due to the league’s segregation of white and Black players. 

It’s about time MLB recognized its history with segregation that outcast some of the best talent in the game away from the main stage. But one recognition needs to be acknowledged: Toni Stone, Connie Morgan and Mamie ‘Peanut’ Johnson are the first women to play major league baseball.