Ultraboost 21 x adidas

Adidas Launches into New Future with ULTRABOOST 21

The Ultraboost as we know will look and feel different down the road with the Ultraboost 21 keeping runners in mind. 

Its bold redesign gives the Ultraboost its most distinctive appearance in the sneaker’s history with the optimized boost in the sneaker’s heel. This enhanced feature provides runners with durability and support to go the distance. 

“In creating the adidas Ultraboost 21, we have developed our most holistic running shoe ever, that is the ultimate expressions of comfort and responsiveness.” Moritz Hollmuller, Senior Design Director Footwear of adidas Running, said in a press release. 

In years past, the Ultraboost has been one of the most fashionable footwear sneakers on the market. It’s been the primary shoe for multiple selective releases from Marvel, Star Wars and Toy Story given the comfort of the sneaker and its laidback appearance. Now with its redesign, it opens a new chapter into the Ultraboost that separates itself from fashion and pop culture.

Two sneakers next to each other

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on physical activity, particularly going to the gym. But it’s brought out at-home workouts, with one being running. 

Through extensive research and testing, this iteration of the Ultraboost provides physical support to achieve mental wellness. By utilizing high-performance recycled material, as well as reinforced material in the sole to minimize flex when running. This will change how people will think of the sneaker moving forward.

Ultraboost 21 x adidas

This new and improved sneaker will release Jan. 28 at 12:00 a.m. PST on