Allen Iverson x Reebok

Allen Iverson May Be The Face of Reebok with Master P Purchase

2021 may result in something new for Rebook and Master P as the sneaker brand is on the market for a new home.

After adidas purchased Reebok for $3.8 billion USD in 2006, the company announced in December it was selling the brand for $2.4 billion, a significantly lower amount than what it was purchased for 14 years ago. 

Emerging as frontrunner buyers are Percy Miller (Master P) and former NBA player Baron Davis. While adidas won’t announce the new owner until March 10, Miller is already sharing the vision for a new and improved Reebok in his and Davis’ hands. 

Allen Iverson x Master P x Reebok

If the purchase works out in their favor, Allen Iverson will be front and center of the rebuild for the brand. What Michael Jordan did for Nike is what Miller envions will happen with Iverson and Reebok. 

While Iverson signed his contract with Rebook in 1996 for the Allen Iverson signature shoe line, he hasn’t necessarily been in the forefront of pop or sneaker culture in the last couple of years. Rebranding is almost certain with any new acquisition, but making a retired NBA player the face of athletic wear may be easier said than done.