White jacket with black print and crest on upper chest

Club América Brings Out Show-Stopping Third Kit

Club América, one of the most notable clubs in the world, is embracing its roots with its third kit and it’s one that you need to get your hands on. 

In the eight-piece collaboration with Nike, Club América is showcasing its Aztec influence with print of the Warrior Eagle through the club jacket and jersey. 

The white jersey with black print is already making its way across football fans due to its sleek and unique appearance. The jersey is the loudest compared to its accompanying jacket with the entire body of it carrying an Aztec design.

The jacket is the main showstopper. Its tri-level design is broken up by a black wrap-around at the upper torso. Any Aztec print on the jacket is confined to black rectangles from the torso to the sleeves. 

Black ensembles will also be available in the upcoming release with the sleeves being heavily influenced by Aztec print. An Aztec design was also incorporated into the crest and it provides the only color with ‘CA” in red coloring. 

The white clothing will be available in select countries through the Nike website.