I’m Mariame Choucair And These Are My Mornings


I’m Mariame Choucair And These Are My Mornings.

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My Mornings…

What makes you get up in the morning?
The premise of things to do and the thought of a fresh, hot cappuccino. I always like to stay busy or have my mind/hands full with either work and ideas for photos on Instagram.

How do the mornings play out with your schedule?
Daily 7-a.m. starts are accompanied by a quick catch up on social media for no more than 15 minutes and a standard cappuccino or frappé made fresh from my Breville coffee machine. I feel like I have two personas, and my mornings play out differently depending on which person I am for the day. On one hand, I am a full-time registered Pharmacist, on the other I am an Australian Football blogger, passionately advocating for the sport here in Sydney. On pharmacist days, I try to relax as much as possible in the morning as those days can be quite stressful. On football blogging days, there is content planning and always a football session on the pitch with G10 Futbol.

What does the perfect morning look like for you?
No alarm set, a brief lie in bed, followed by a short walk to my local cafe for breakfast and coffee.

“I’ve never shied away from hard work, and this quality has been a staple of my upbringing”.

What type of advice would you give to the person who is inspired to emulate what you do? 
Be patient with a slow burn. Results do not happen overnight. It is a culmination of hard work, planning, and being consistent in your message.

What was/is the motivation that has put you on the path that you’re on?
I’ve never shied away from hard work, and this quality has been a staple of my upbringing. My parents are the two most hard-working people I know, who taught my five other siblings and me that immense effort, labor, and passion will produce opportunity and endeavor.

When things get overwhelming, how do you handle it? 
I take a step back and breathe deeply. There may be times where I will need to vent, and when this happens, I cancel all plans and head to my local astroturf pitch for a good kick around. Football always calms me.

How did you get into your collection of football shirts? And how did you incorporate them into a casual style? 
It started with my first purchase, roughly 10 years ago, an Everton third kit from 2007 which I had found on eBay with ‘Tim Cahill 17’ printing. I had always wanted to own one since Tim Cahill is my all-time favorite Socceroo and since then I haven’t been able to stop buying shirts! Football has never been marketed to women in the past, and as a result, we haven’t been able to express our passion for the game, so I always wore my football shirts with pride. I absolutely adore pairing a football shirt with a skirt and either sneakers or heels for an every-day look.

Which shirt is your favorite, and why? 
West Germany 1990 long sleeve home shirt from the Italia 90’ World Cup, the three-stripe pattern in Deutsche colors is absolutely iconic.

What has been one of your most memorable experiences in your career, thus far?
Meeting Miralem Pjanic and Juventus in Melbourne through Adidas Australia, that experience was absolutely mind-blowing. Additionally, interviewing Sydney FC’s Serbian international cult hero Miloš Ninković was definitely up there.

At what moment did it click for you that this is what you wanted to do in life? 
When I was offered to do a live story for ProDirect Soccer through their Instagram account for a Sydney Derby. To promote Australian Football overseas was a dream come true. I was able to bring Sydney FC and the A-League to people who never even knew that we had a professional footballing league!

What does the future look like for you? 
I’d like to be able to continue to work hand in hand with UltraFootball, the largest football store in the world, and big brands such as Adidas and Nike. I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people along the way in my journey who have been supportive in every aspect of what I do. If I can inspire young women to enter the football industry then I will be happy.

What is something that you have to accomplish? That when you look back at your career, you’re proud of what you accomplished. 
Create a space for women within football, in Australia, allowing for a more diverse range of voices to be heard.

Responses were edited for clarity and length.