KRIMY Mix Vol 1 Music Playlist Mixtape

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Welcome to KRIMY Mix Playlists. I am Abel Nine (KRIMY CEO) and it’s my pleasure to kick off KRIMY’s Mix Vol.1, where different genres come together for adrenaline rushes and escape from reality.

Music is a huge part of my lifestyle and something that has always been a part of me. From way back in the day when my mother would drive me to school to the walkman days on the school bus, then on to selecting the perfect six-CD mix in my car to the iPod days and now streaming music on Spotify all day long.

This curated playlist is a compilation of some of hip-hop’s classic joints that were a big part of my upbringing and hits that were part of my baseball pre-game songs. Those bus rides to away games, those days when we rolled up to Flamingo Park in Miami Beach (“South Beach” is for Tourists) for our home games.

If these songs are something that were also part of your early years or new to you. I hope that you enjoy them within our first monthly playlist. Each month we will have someone special to give us a unique look into their musical styles, their banging throwbacks, or simply what they are bopping their heads to this minute.

Follow along to this new monthly series where originality and creativity come together. From 90’s hip-hop to reggaeton, from country to rock — anything and everything can be found in the KRIMY Mix Playlists.