Oakley MSK3 Face Mask

Oakley MSK3 Face Mask Modernizes Mask Structure

Nearly one year into a pandemic, some brands have embraced the importance of face masks — as well as the likelihood that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Oakley is jumping ahead of the curve amid the second wave and new strain of COVID-19 with a mask designed with advanced technology. 

The Oakley MSK3 provides protection for everyday use against particulate pollution. The mask can also fit additional filters for high exposure situations, which could really be anywhere in the United States given the rising cases. 

Oakley MSK3 Face Mask

A key factor in the mask is the ability to wear glasses without things getting foggy. That has been one of the biggest complaints from mask wearers, but Oakley has seemed to have solved the problem with a material barrier for glasses to hold their place, preventing fog.

Details are scarce for the Oakley MSK3 face mask, but they are expected to be released through