Baseballism x Ken Griffey Jr

Baseballism Finally Releases Ken Griffey Jr. Line

It finally happened. After months of waiting, Baseballism finally released its Ken Griffey Jr. collection to its loyal fans. 

The first edition of the Baseballism x The Kid line dropped early Saturday without any technological issues that seem to plague big releases for any brand. The 13-piece line seemingly captured the rebirth of Griffey’s stardom and what made him “The Kid.” 

The backwards cap, gold chain and signature pink bubble gum make up the silhouette of the 630-home-run hitter that adorns a few pieces in the line

A couple other pieces, like the Must See TV shirt, embrace Griffey’s moniker that helped make him one of the most entertaining players throughout the 1990s and 2000s. The Seattle Mariners mid-90s color palette is a key component to showcasing who Ken Griffey Jr., one of the most influential players in MLB, really was. 

The collection is available now through Baseballism’s official website