Pump Omni Zone II

Reebok To Bring Back Iconic Dee Brown Dunk Sneaker

30 years ago, Boston Celtics point guard Dee Brown shutdown the NBA All-Star weekend with a no-look dunk that made him the undeniable winner of the Slam Dunk contest. In honor of the anniversary, Reebok is releasing the Pump Omni Zone II (the same model Brown wore in the dunk) next week. 

The high-top ankle sneaker combines mesh and leather for a modernized style while keeping in check the black and white ensemble. Much like Brown’s 1991 iteration of the Pump Omni Zone II, the newest installment will feature the orange button on the sneaker’s tongue to release air from its concealed air chambers.

The sole’s orange theme resembles much of the sport as possible with a black rectangle running across the upper foot. 

Come March 5, this throwback sneaker will be available through the official Reebok website for $140 USD.