Wrexham FC owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Wrexham FC Confirms Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney New Ownership Group

Wrexham FC is officially under new ownership and now in the hands of actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, whose bid on the Welsh club was confirmed and made public Wednesday. 

The $2.43 million investment was the top suitor for the National League club after fans voted in overwhelmingly support for the Hollywood talent to take over the oldest club in Wales. 

The league still needs to finalize the deal on its end, but it seems like the biggest hurdles are out of the way. 

Wrexham was founded in 1864 and is the third oldest professional football club in the world. Back in 2011, the club became fan-owned and any decision regarding the club went through a public vote. 

Wrexham FC owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Initially, the fan trust was not keen on the club being put up for sale, but once it found out the Deadpool actor and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor were suitors, the future was clear. 

Reynolds and McElhenney spoke with the fan trust and reassured them that the club would make its run to be a “global force.” The RR McReynolds LLC will take 100 percent control of the club moving forward. 

Wrexham FC is currently in seventh place in the National League with a 9-5-7 record.