Adidas x Peloton

Adidas and Peloton Join Forces in Athleisure Wear

Peloton — the mega popular fitness platform — is partnering with Adidas to elevate both presences in the athletic world. The partnership will combine both elements of each company to complement one another. Peloton will have its own line with the three stripe brand while Adidas gear will be worn by Peloton instructors in fitness videos.

Model wearing gray sports bra and black shorts

While Peloton went viral in December 2019 for an odd Christmas commercial, just a few months later it was the saving grace for many people across the globe as the COVID-19 pandemic forced people into sedentary lives at home. 

The fitness platform skyrocketed in popularity as people tried to stay active with limited resources, as well as athletic wear taking a bump in sales as people tried to stay comfortable. Now with COVID restrictions easing up ahead of the summer, this partnership provides another opportunity to get into an athletic mode while still looking good