Two brown sneakers with a buckle over the tongue

Bad Bunny Takes New Step with Adidas in Sneaker Debut

The luck of the Irish isn’t going to be so helpful when the debut sneaker of the adidas and Bad Bunny partnership drops Wednesday morning. 

Bad Bunny has been the global darling throughout 2020 and is keeping the momentum going in 2021 with a creative partnership with the three-stripe brand. The First Café sneaker is the first step that Benito will take that will eventually lead to his own signature sneaker. 

“It feels great to create my own design with people who I share the same sentiment. It feels amazing knowing that my next step will be in my own sneakers.” Bad Bunny said

Resembling much like a skate shoe, the sneaker that will drop March 17 is inspired by coffee through its brown color scheme. The body is light brown while the stripes and buckle over the tongue are dark brown. The musician’s signature eye logo is featured on the sneaker’s tongue. 

Through the partnership, the Puerto Rico native pushed for distribution to low-income communities to guarantee those in need had access to necessities. The First Café will be available through the adidas confirmed app and retailers in the US and Europe, and through Uber Eats in Puerto Rico.