Matching outfit with polka dots with a white sleeve and a blue sleeve

Soph. Co Brings Style to F.C. Real Bristol

A new season calls for a new uniform with a touch of chic, all thanks to Soph. Co and its sportswear line F.C. Real Bristol. 

The new collection features seven different outfits to make a total of 14 individual pieces. Its theme of patterns resonates throughout each piece, from checkered squares to stars to polka dots. 

A strong piece in the collection is the polka dot black ensemble. The sweatshirt and shorts pair together for a sleek look. The sweatshirt incorporates Bristol across the chest while the shorts have a white side panel to add dimension.  

F.C. Bristol is Soph. Co’s sportswear line that provides the space for the brand to step into sports and integrate its high fashion style.