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TOGETHXR Revolutionizes Media Landscape In Women’s Sports

Some of the most talented athletes in the world are joining forces to start a new endeavor that will level future media coverage in sports through TOGETHXR. 

Simone Manuel, Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim and Sue Bird launched the media company last week with its mission to provide comparable coverage in women’s sports as in men’s sports. TOGETHXR will cover a wide range of topics for a growing audience that seeks reporting on women’s leagues that are growing in popularity

The outlet garnered 48.2 thousand followers on Instagram within seven days of its first post and is already sharing content that it set cover.

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UCLA softball standout Maya Brady is one of the first athletes to be featured on TOGETHXR on the heels of her stellar three-hit, five-RBI weekend for the Bruins. 

‘FENOM’ debuts March 10 as the outlet’s first limited docu-series of Los Angeles native Chantel Navarro, a Chicana boxer fighting her way to the Olympics in honor of her family name. This project exemplifies not only highlighting women in a male-dominated sport, but as well as culture. 

The new age of media will be much more inclusive and fair more accurate of the real world with this new outlet filling in the gaps.