Boston Red Sox get new uniform to debut April 19

Nike Unveils City Connect Collection with Red Sox

With a new season comes change, and the Boston Red Sox are going full force in a new set of Nike uniforms. 

Come Patriot’s Day Weekend (April 19), the 2018 World Series champions will take Fenway Park in something other than red. Nike and MLB will debut the new ‘City Connect’ collection where teams will channel the essence of their cities into their jerseys

The Red Sox are the first team to debut their new threads this season when they take on the Chicago White Sox in mid April.

Boston City Connect

The jersey is far from Boston’s traditional red uniform. The Boston City Connect uniform showcases the Massachusetts crest colors: yellow and light blue. It was designed in commemoration of the Boston Marathon with a race bib on one of the sleeves. 

Given the departure from tradition in the new collection, it’s evident that Nike is taking another step toward newfound creativity in its baseball jerseys. This new era of uniforms certainly revitalizes where the sport is aiming to accomplish.

Boston City Connect

The Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks are some of the other teams who will receive their respective City Connect jerseys.