guild unveils latest limited edition apparel collection release info 08

Guild Esports Launches New Limited-Edition Clothing Line

UK esports company Guild Esports has unveiled the latest from its fashion maker: “Patch 0.2.1”.

The collection includes a range of hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories that are adorned with a reinterpretation of the Guild logo, which was designed by illustrator Fergus Purcell, known for also creating the Penrose triangle, which serves as the skate brand’s logo, Palace.

The range of colors in this collection is made up, among others, of forest greens, which contrast with golden yellows, as well as royal blue tones; all with red prints all over the surface. The previous week, Guild Esports unveiled the Guild Academy, a subscription service for e-sports training.

During the launch on social networks, where the co-owner of the company, David Beckham, could also be seen, some selected garments from this collection could be seen.

Patch 0.2.1 is available to pre-order your purchase on the Guild Esports online store.