BAAAM Scudetto! NSS and PPRN Launch Inter’s Championship Jersey

Pizza and soccer are once again the stars in the new kit made by PPRN Seoul, a South Korean clothing brand.

However, this time the main ingredient was the Scudetto that the iconic Italian team, Inter Milan, has just obtained in Serie A.

This pirate outfit, named BAAAM Scudetto! is inspired by the tradition of the nerazzurri club, adding some elements that inevitably evoke the culture of pizza.

“Baaam” is the phonetic translation of snake, which was the symbol of Inter in the 80s and that this shirt takes up in the form of a cartoon on the front, in the area of the shield.

“Pepperoni” is shown as the main sponsor, in a clear reference to the Pirelli logo, which will no longer appear on Inter’s jersey after having done so for more than 25 years.

As part of this Italian-Korean fusion, the Series A logo is featured on one of the sleeves with writing in Korean.

On the other hand, on the back is where the highlight is found: the mascot, an animated pepperoni with the colors of the Italian flag, is shown covering the back with a large size, while around it the logo of NSS Sports and PPRN21 in their respective languages.

Below, the legend “Campioni D’ Italia 20/21 closes the celebrations for the Scudetto neazzurri.

The BAAAM Scudetto! it is available for purchase at PPRN Seoul’s online store, at a cost of $98 USD.