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Nike Presents the 21/22 Premier League Ball

The new Premier League season still looks distant; however, the first glimpses of the match began with the presentation of the official football 21/22 brought by Nike.

For the second consecutive season, the Flight Ball model makes its appearance in one of the best leagues in the world, and it does so with a design that features an organic connectivity approach, where the four panels are different, but all remain connected.

The base color of this new ball is white, also featuring several overlays in black, but also the addition of large crimson circles, which were previously on the ball for the 19/20 season.

These details allow the player to read how the ball spins and moves on the field, achieving a faster reaction.

krimy premier nike ball 2

Complementing the visual aspect, the new Premier League ball features AerowSculpt technology, which improves the consistency of the ball and gives it a more realistic flight.

Plus, All Conditions Control (ACC) technology was added, which adds a grippy texture so you get consistent touch in wet or dry conditions.

The 21/22 Premier League game ball will be released on July 15 for sale on the Nike online store, at an approximate cost of $176 USD.