Puma Accelerate La Liga 21/22

OFFICIAL: Puma “El Corazón de La Liga” 21/22 Ball

Puma remains the brand that sponsors the La Liga Santander ball in Spain, and this day “El Corazón de La Liga” was presented.

The presentation of this new Accelerate was carried out on the Twitch channel of streamer Ibai Llanos, who described the new ball as an “otaku” ball.

And it is that this new version of the Puma Acceletate for La Liga 21/22, presents warm tones, on the already customary white base of the ball, while bright blacks are added together with the “puma” of the brand in the same color.

Puma Accelerate La Liga 21/22

The orange of this new ball is a nod to the Japanese anime series, Dragon Ball Z, as well as to various animes from the East, which have had such a good acceptance in the West.

The French FC Barcelona player, Antoine Griezmann, as well as the flaming champion with Atlético de Madrid, Luis Suárez, appear in the launch video, where they both kick the ball in the purest style of ‘Goku’ and the entire Saiyajin race.

Although there is nothing official, a second version with more striking colors is expected for the winter, as happened last season.

Puma Accelerate La Liga 21/22