Carlo Rivetti buys a football club

President of Stone Island Buys Modena FC

Carlo Rivetti, owner of Stone Island, a high-end Italian sportswear brand, has acquired Modena FC for approximately 1.8 million euros.

Modena has been home to iconic automobile factories such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. It is also a very important tourist destination in the country.

This territory had a team in Serie A for the last time in the 2003/2004 season. For 2018, a new club began its journey in Serie D, to be promoted a year later through reclassification. They have played in the playoffs the last 2 seasons without winning the Serie C title.

The worlds of fashion and sports have always gone hand in hand. In the case of Rivetti, a great Inter Milan fan, it was time to take that step, after the renowned clothing brand, Moncler, added Stone Island to his portfolio.

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In a press release, Rivetex, Rivetti’s holding company, said that his family has long been linked to Modena and its territory, where the main Stone Island factory also operates, that “thanks to the extraordinary work of those who make it up, it has become into an international protagonist in the field of sportswear.”

With the purchase of the shares of Modena FC 2018, the Rivetti family “seeks to reaffirm its esteem and commitment to the territory”, emphasizing that the operation is carried out through Rivetex SRL, completely disconnected from the other activities in which it is involve.

For the latter, it was ruled out that Stone Island would make the uniforms for Modena, which will thus begin their dream of returning to the top flight of Italian football at the hands of Carlo Rivetti.

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