adidas uniforia finale

This is the adidas Uniforia Finale Ball for Euro 2020

The EURO 2020, delayed by the pandemic and criticized by its organization, comes to an end this weekend. To close the tournament, adidas has presented the Uniforia Finale ball.

Like the Uniforia ball used in the regular phase, this ball commemorates the notion of crossing bridges, merging borders and diversity, in a perfect combination between art and football.

Details have been added to the adidas Uniforia Finale Match ball that celebrate the location and potential glory of the final stages of the Cup, allowing the ball to stand out on the court.

The ball has a watermark that shows Wembley Stadium, where the semifinals were played, and the grand final will be played this Sunday, between Italy and England.

The gray and white base contrasts with the green, red, cyan and pink brushstrokes, which are inspired by the iconic symbols of London, all against a black background, like the dark night sky of the English capital.

This ball could have a bigger impact, if England are crowned at home.

The adidas Uniforia Matchball is available for purchase from the adidas online store, at a cost of $165 USD.