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Meet Adrenalina, Puma Ball for La Liga 21/22

After presenting the Accelerate in previous weeks, throws now it has been released Adrenalina Puma ball, for the 21/22 La Liga season.

The Accelerate, dubbed “The Heart of the League” and which will be the standard ball for the season, has a white base that combines red, orange and yellow tones.

The 8 large panels of which they are composed, provide better control during the game.

Puma Accelerate La Liga 21/22

On the other hand, the design of the Adrenalina ball is inspired by the electrifying force of the most anticipated matches of the season, such as the derbies and the Super Classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The base of this ball is a volt green color, which includes shades between blue, green and black, allowing great visibility of the ball on the pitch.


The Adrenalina ball will be used during the most decisive matches of the Spanish La Liga, which include El Clásico, the Gran Derbi, the Basque derbies, as well as the matches of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Valencia.

The Adrenalina Puma ball for La Liga 21/22 is available for purchase in Puma’s online store, for a cost of $ 20 USD.