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Charly Presents Liga Mx Jersey All-Star Game

The Charly Fútbol brand unveiled the Liga Mx jersey with which its All-Star team will face their MLS counterpart on August 25.

In the presentation, the brand explains that this jersey pays tribute to Mexican roots, its land, its people and everything that defines Mexico.

Recently, MLS introduced the adidas jersey, which also commemorates the 25th edition of its All-Star team.

In contrast to the rival, the Liga Mx jersey is white, adding a graphic on the left sector of an eagle warrior.

On the sides, vertical lines with the colors of the Mexican flag adorn the shirt with pre-Hispanic details.

The Liga Mx logo is presented in the area of ​​the traditional shield, while the Charly logo, as well as the two sponsors appear in black.

On the lower part of the back, a gray band stands out with the name of the League.

On the other hand, to the front on the lower part, a badge with pre-Hispanic motifs is added, including the phrase “LIGA MX 2021” around it.

The Charly Liga Mx All-Star Team jersey is now available for purchase in the brand’s online store, at a cost of $70 USD.