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A Look at the Chivas Jerseys Puma 21/22

The Liga Mx has already started, and Chivas presented their Puma jerseys for the new season.

This presentation by Puma joins the recent ones from Manchester City, Olympique de Marseille, Rayados de Monterrey and Borussia Dortmund.

Home jersey

For its home jersey, Chivas takes up the blue sleeves from a couple of years ago, on which a graphic with the team’s crest is shown.

On the other hand, the traditional white and red canes are kept in front with a thickness similar to that of last season.

The polo-type collar changes to a round one, with a small detail with the three team colors (red, white and blue). This detail is repeated in the visitor sweater.

The shield is presented in its official colors, while the Puma logo remains white.

Away jersey

For the away kit, the club opted for a black shirt, with subtle vertical lines on the front.

Bright neon green colors are present on the cuffs and on the shoulders, whose color is slightly lighter than the black color of the rest of the jersey.

For this kit, the polo-type collar was implemented, with the tricolor detail on the front in a peak.

The shield appears in a monochromatic version with the same neon green color as the bright ones, which is also present in the Puma logo.

It should be noted that both shirts have a small detail in honor of their late owner, Jorge Vergara.

It is the signature of the iconic businessman, printed on the upper part of the back.

The two Puma Chivas 21/22 jerseys are now available for purchase in the Puma online store, at a cost of $90 USD.