Meet Elote, the new Sneakers by YUMS

The sneakers and accessories brand YUMS, whose art is inspired by food and snacks, has launched “Elote”, with all the essence of this traditional Mexican snack.


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The design presents a combination of essential colors in the composition of a traditional Elote:

The white of the grated cheese and sour cream, as well as the styrofoam glass in which it is served and the plastic spoon.

This color can be seen in the middle part of the shoe, made of leather, as well as in the upper part and the laces.

The red of the chili powder that gives it its characteristic flavor, covers the thick sole, as well as the suede tips and the inner lining.

Finally, the yellow of the corn, which with its sweet tones generates that unique flavor composition, is present in the heel and tongue area, which is finished off with the brand’s logo in a red silhouette.


In addition, one of the main attractions of the YUMS designs is in its transparent sole, where they embed a unique design, which for this shoe is a white foam cup with the delicious corn; it also includes the brand’s logo, which appears at the heel.

To stand out, the shoe includes a pair of extra laces to the white ones, which give greater contrast to the already colorful design.


The perfect hat for Elote

For each new sneaker, YUMS adds a cap that complements the outfit; on this occasion, it has a red visor and front part, while the part is made up of a white net.

The logo of the brand appears on the front with a combination of the 3 colors of the shoe.


Tex Moton, legendary street artist on the Dallas stage, and creative director of YUMS, spoke about his inspiration for creating Elote:

“That flavor just translates so well in my head to a YUMS sneaker. From the moment it crossed my mind I saw how it would look done, it also made me hungry too! The colors of an Elote are so vivid, the bright yellow corn, to the creama, and the rich fiery red chile, all perfectly layered in that iconic white foam cup with that plastic spoon! Can’t you just see it? You Understand My Style?”

The Elote Sneaker is now available for purchase in the YUMS online store, for a cost of $ 125 USD; the cap is also available, for a cost of $ 30 USD.

To learn more about Tex Moton, you can read his interview here.