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A Look at the NERF x Reebok Collection Inspired by the 90s

Reminiscent of the glory of 90s basketball, Reebok and toy brand NERF have launched a limited-edition sneaker collection.


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This set of sneakers features a bright and strident color palette, characteristic of both basketball and classic elements of pop culture from the 90s, where Michael Jordan became the top figure in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls.

Here are the four NERF x Reebok silhouettes:

NERF x Pump Omni Zone II “Light Jammer”

The sole of this shoe, as well as the upper part, glow in the dark. Most have a phosphorescent orange color; however, the tip has a splatter effect that paints it green.

The NERF logo appears on the top of the tongue in 3D mode, which also appears on the outside. The design is based on the legendary game Nerfoop.

NERF x Pump Omni Zone II “Big Bad Backboard”

The alternative version of this shoe appears in less strident colors, as the black color takes on greater relevance.

Splashes to the front turn a Mexican pink, while blue and yellow accents complement the color palette.

This second silhouette is inspired by the NERF Sports Nerfoop board from the 90s “Big Bad”.

Kamikaze II “Backboard Breaker”

Perhaps the most attractive and aesthetic design of the time, these Kamikaze have a zigzag wave design, also part of the Reebok style.

Black, pink, orange, purple, yellow and blue accents are shown in the color scheme. “NERF” is embroidered on both the front and the tongue.

The shoelaces are in different colors, and the iconic phrase of the brand “NERF or nothin” appears at the tip of them.

Finally, the sole has the toe in a translucent style, which has different colors in each shoe.

Kamikaze II Low “Backboard Breaker”

The Low version of the Kamikaze is a little less colorful; however, it maintains a similar combination of tones and effects.

The black color stands out more, while the NERF-inspired splash effect appears on the heels with pink color.

The embroidered NERF logo is featured on both the tongue and heel. The translucent sole is present in blue.

The NERF x Reebok limited edition collection is now available in the Reebok store, as well as authorized retailers.