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Why Not? Russell Westbrook’s short film with Jordan Brand

Russell Westbrook, point guard for the Washington Wizards, will executive produce the short film “Why Not?” Where he will partner with the Jordan brand.

The film will have the support of the Sony Incubation Laboratory, it is developed with a basketball theme.

The project features the Los Angeles neighborhood of Crenshaw and seeks to expose young people from underserved communities to the ever-growing tech space.

krimy why not short film

“Why Not?” tells the story of a top high school basketball player who finds another way to impact his community when his basketball is taken from him by teaming up with a misunderstood teenage tech wizard from the neighborhood.

For Russell and his childhood friends, Why Not ’represents an attitude, a mantra that captures their confidence and willingness to take on new challenges.

Also, “Why Not?” is the name of the Westbrook foundation, which since 2012 helps the children of its community in adverse situations.

This is not the NBA veteran’s first foray, as he recently collaborated on the documentary series “Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre,” released in May this year on the History Channel.