yums chicken and waffles

Chicken and Waffles: The New Inspiration for YUMS Sneakers

Sneaker brand inspired by sandwiches and food, YUMS, launched its new collection inspired by one of the most peculiar and delicious breakfasts: chicken and waffles.

The traditional YUMS silhouette is once again the canvas on which the urban artist Tex Moton created a piece loaded with all the energy and colors of another of his favorite foods.

The top features a color scheme, the yellow leather base that resembles waffles covered in maple syrup, and the brown suede overlays, like the fried chicken that adds the salty and crunchy side to the dish.


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On the sides, the “Y” of the brand appears, as well as the Emoji logo that winks on the tongue. Eyelets and interior are painted a shade of red.

Finally, the star of the design as always is in the translucent sole, where Moton adds an illustration that includes the plate with the words “chicken and waffles” around it.

In the background, a red and white checkered tablecloth that calls everyone to eat, finishing with the Emoji, the brand’s emblem, in the heel area.

yums chicken and waffles

The origin of chicken and waffles

This mixture of sweet and salty is one of the main examples of soul food, which is born from the African-American community in the southern United States.

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“I’ve traveled all over the US seeing how different regions have translated this simple, yet uniquely complex dish, and let’s just say I haven’t been disappointed too often,” Moton said in an interview.

Living in deprived conditions, enslaved families were forced to eat leftovers and create combinations as delicious as they were bizarre, hence the rise of chicken and waffles.

The YUMS collection, which includes the sneakers and an ad hoc cap, are available for purchase at, priced at $ 125 and $ 30 USD respectively.

yums chicken and waffles