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Borussia Dortmund Launches the New U.S. Collection Sports

Developed into a global brand in recent years, Borussia Dortmund exploits that potential by launching the U.S. collection Sports.

The capsule consists of three pieces, inspired by the designs of American football, ice hockey and baseball jerseys, iconic sports of American culture.

These are three garments that encapsulate all the essence of the teams and the passion of these three North American sports.

This collection is made exclusively by Borussia Dortmund, since Puma was not part of the making of the jerseys.

As part of the team’s identity, the “09” appears on the jerseys, accompanied by the name Dortmund, stylized in the style of North American sports teams.

Of the three, the American football jersey is the one with the team’s traditional yellow color as the base, while the baseball and hockey jerseys are gray with black and yellow details.

Although there have been previous European club collaborations with Nike that have included NFL-style jerseys, this is the first European collection to take up three of the most important North American sports.

The U.S. Borussia Dortmund Sports is now available for purchase on the BVB Online Shop, for a unit cost of $ 70 USD.