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El Balón de Valo: The Love of Soccer, Expressed in Jerseys

When a person becomes a fan of a sport, they look for in the colors and crest of a team, that sense of identity and belonging that distinguishes them from the rest while integrating them into a community, with an ideology and a particular way to live your passion.

In the case of Valo, soccer became that passion; However, this search for a niche expanded, becoming a cosmopolitan fan, finding in soccer jerseys a particular interest of hers, which today made her a potential collector.

When was your love for soccer born?

When I was 10 years old, I was curious as to why my dad would get excited when watching football. I asked him what the game was about; he spoke to me with such passion that he immediately infected me.

I stayed watching the game with him, and the same the following week, and the next; since then, I have gone crazy about football. At 11 years old, I already had posters stuck in my room, from the soccer magazines that I bought every month.

What teams are you a fan of?

From the Liga Mx, to the Rayados of Monterrey; outside of Mexico, from MLS, Seattle Sounders (where I currently live). In Europe, to Porto and Borussia Dortmund.

Is there a team that you would never have a jersey for?

I think definitely from the club Tigres, because of the rivalry and because of the feeling of being Rayada, he would not allow me to use it for anything. However, I think if you wear a jersey and there is no feeling, it doesn’t mean anything.

I wear jerseys from many teams, for fun or design, and I make them part of my collection, but putting on a jersey and adding the feeling to it, is what stands out the most.

What was the first jersey you owned and how old were you?

From Rayados of Monterrey, 2001 season, from the Atlética brand. I was 11 years old.

How many jerseys do you currently have in your collection?

Currently 155, approximately; I have some in Mexico that have not yet reached my hands or closet. But it is a number that changes from week to week.

Which jersey would you consider the “jewel in the crown” in your collection?

The ones that are very special to me, because I think they are more so for the sentimental; I do not consider it valuable for its value in the market.

The Porto 20-21 away jersey. I ordered it from the Porto store in Portugal, with the Tecatito Corona number. The design, ordering for the first time from the official team store, everything was very significant.

Another, that of the Seattle Sounders in honor of Jimi Hendrix; ever since it came out, I knew I had to have it, and I went straight to the stadium to buy it. It is one of the most incredible designs that I have seen in soccer jerseys to my liking, and of great significance for my arrival in the city of Seattle and the commitment to support the local team.

If a player could give you his jersey, who would it be and which?

I think there are several, but without a doubt Tecatito Corona, is my favorite player for several years, so that jersey would be invaluable for me.

Do you dream of reaching a number of jerseys in your collection?

It is not a specific number; I know it is impossible to have them all. I don’t have a special goal in numbers, but I really want to have a great collection.

How was El Balón de Valo born?

El Balón de Valo was born because I talked about my opinion about the games I saw on social media, then this intensified, and they invited me to make videos and have my section on a soccer account on Instagram. I liked it and it seems that people were interested in it; I really enjoyed it, that was the first step.

So, they suggested that I put a name there, and I came up with EL Balón de Valo, then I wanted to give it more seriousness and make my own account under this name. A couple of months later, I had a logo and shield made to make myself a clearer image and identity, and little by little to build my profile.

Has your content evolved a year after it started?

Of course, at the beginning, soccer fans in general followed me, I posted the latest news and opinions about it, then they invited me to collaborate on Rayados accounts, and their fans began to follow me. It is content that has been present from day one.

Then people realized how many jerseys I have and my passion for them with the “Unboxings” in my content; It is what is most often discussed in my account and the truth from the beginning has always been what I like, it does not have such a strong line.

Currently, and since I am not fully dedicated to this, sometimes I would like to post much more content, but I do what I can little by little; I think for the year that he has the account, it has been a great way to share with more football fans, collectors, as well as collaborate with accounts and get closer little by little to what I love the most, which is to work fully on football and I think I am little by little closer, thanks to the work I have done with El Balón de Valo.

What’s next for El Balón de Valo?

It is not entirely clear to me, but without a doubt I will continue as before. This opportunity to express my taste for football in networks, has opened the doors to many opportunities and increasingly greater, it is a dream that is just beginning without a doubt.

What I am clear about is that soon I am going to release a collection of “El Balón de Valo” jerseys, as if it were a soccer team. It will be for all my friends, family, fans, and soccer and jersey fans; It is a short-term project that I am very excited about.