Mitre Delta Max FA

Meet the New Mitre Delta Max FA WSL Match Ball 21/22

For the new FA Women’s Super League season, it has presented the new Mitre Delta Max FA WSL, the official match ball which appeared on the British fields on September 3rd.

Mitre’s relationship with the FA is not new, since they’ve been making match balls for the FA Cup, the League Cup and other competitions in English football. Now it’s time for women’s football, especially since it’s constantly gathering a greater audience, home and abroad.

This ball saw the kick-off of the FAWSL back on September 3rd, though its official launch was 18 days later. Better late than never, the Delta Max is now known and ready for rolling around the fields, streets or any surface football fans want to play on.

Its Hyperseam technology, that includes bonded and stitched seams helps the ball to reduce water uptake to the minimum, taking it up against any kind of weather. Its texture also makes it more aerodynamic, allowing a greater speed, as well as better accuracy for every shot and pass.

The Mitre Delta Max FA WSL, with the FIFA Pro accreditation, was made to perform on the greatest women’s football stage, but it also has a Replica version available for those still learning the ropes or just wanting fun.

The Mitre Delta Max FA WSL it is available for purchase at Mitre’s website with a € 138 EUR ($ 162 USD) price tag.